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Most of the lifetime goals of every grown person who lives in a better or not so well developed country are to buy a real estate. Some do it for the purpose of having a safe and favorite place to live, some do it for pure business purposes and others buy real estates to show their love and support to their children or beloved ones.

The word “real estate” which is mostly used in the American English speaking countries and mostly in the heard of this region’s economy – New York has become a symbol of one of the most desirable thing for a consumer to acquire, though in light of the current economy crisis which was triggered by the collapse of the real estate market in the USA and particularly in New York’s real estate market, many buyers would have reconsidered their values, understanding and attitude towards the purchase and ownership of real estates.

There are many types of real estates or just “properties”, as they are called in many British English speaking countries. If we try to classify the different categories of real estate types we could use many various criteria. From a mere market and economy point of view, though, we will try to classify the various types of real estates according to their relative market value or price, without any claim of professional classification.

One of the most expensive real estate types are the large country estates, castles or chateaus, as they are called in France. Their price can reach multiple million dollar levels whereas among the most expensive properties from this type are those in England, USA, Japan and Spain.

Second most expensive category of real estates are the up-market apartments , especially in high profile locations such as New York, Beverly Hills, San Francisco, London, Tokio and, of course, Moscow. Among the most desired apartments on the real estate market are those located in New York and particularly those in Manhattan. The cherry on the top of the cake is , of course, those apartments which are near New York’s Central Park and especially those which offer the fine and different view to Central Park. This is of course a lot different that what most New York citizens get to see, namely a view to a concrete jungle.

Among the really expensive apartments on the international real estate market are some properties located in Spain’s Barcelona. Barcelona, the city of Cataluña and of Antonio Gaudi offers a magnificent and colorful combination of high-society glamour, lovely beaches, vivid streets with plenty of fun and multinational scene. Some of Bercelona’s most expensive apartments are those located near the sea shore and those located among the city hills.

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